Year Round Energy Efficiency: Radiant Barrier & Insulation

Earlier, we wrote about the important role that attic insulation plays in keeping homes cool in the summer. Though it seems counterintuitive to most home owners, who view attic insulation as only benefitting them in the winters. But, just like attic insulation, the radiant barrier is one of the discerning homeowner’s best tools in keeping cool, conditioned air inside their homes in the summer. This is because radiant heat is the heat that threatens a comfortable, cool home the most.

Radiant barriers are usually expertly installed in attics and are usually made with a highly reflective material. This material reflects radiant heat rather than absorbing it, which make a radiant barrier an absolutely necessary tool in fighting the unforgiving San Antonio summers that any resident is all too familiar with. To be most effective, the radiant barrier must face open space and avoid becoming dirty at all; any dirt or dust on the surface of a radiant barrier can stop a radiant barrier from functioning
function, keeping your home comfortable, and lowering you’re your energy bills.

The last part is especially important, as the radiant barrier has been shown to significantly reduce the amount of energy dollars flowing out of your home along with the amount of conditioned air. According to the Department of Energy, radiant heat is the type of heat most responsible for heat gain in households. Radiant barriers, as the name suggests, are essential tools in blocking the encroachment of radiant heat. This is because radiant barriers reflect the heat and don’t allow radiant heat gain in your house. This keeps your air conditioning unit from working too hard, as a radiant barrier keeps the radiant heat out instead of simply allowing your cooling system to compensate.

This is another reason why, in addition to expertly installed and maintained insulation, the radiant barrier is the perfect tool to keep radiant heat out and your energy dollars in. Insulation alone can only go so far, and with the threat that radiant heat poses to your comfort and the longevity of your air conditioner, it only makes sense to go that extra mile and opt for a radiant barrier. You won’t regret it. However, you may regret it if you opt to go the discount route; though many cut-rate insulation contractors aggressively advertise lower prices, you’re really only playing for lower quality work. Ensure you trust only trained professional experts.