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Attic Insulation

Pink Panther Blowing Insulation
We use premium blown-in fiberglass & cellulose insulation. Increased insulation could have a substantial and positive impact on controlling both summer heat gain, and winter heat loss. To achieve maximum results we recommend using the latest insulation products available on the market along with Radiant Barrier applied to your attic.


Rhino Energy Solutions of San Antonio is your partner in energy savings and home comfort!

Insulation Removal

Is it time to install new insulation? Have you checked your attic insulation for damage? Rhino Energy Solutions takes pride in helping our San Antonio neighbors replace old or damaged insulation with newer more energy efficient insulation.

Removing and replacing attic insulation is recommended after water damage, damage by rodents, damage by larger animals, and insulation damage from insects. We offer specialized removal and treatment of the affected area in your attic.

Attic Ventilation

Attic ventilation is the key in reducing the temperature in your attic. We make sure all vents are working properly. Over time some vents are clogged with old birds nests, leaves, etc… Clogged vents man that the hot air in the attic is not allowed to escape, forcing your A/C to run for longer periods of time.

We offer both solar and thermostat attic fans to meet the needs of your home

Spray-On Radiant Heat Barrier

Radiant Barrier Partial Comparison
Spray-on Radiant Heat Barrier is applied on the underside of the roof deck from inside the attic. Radiant Barrier an Acrylic paint called Heat Bloc Ultra that blocks 75% of the radiant heat gain from the roof into the attic space. The result is a cooler attic; and a cooler attic means your A/C will not have to work as hard to keep your living space cool.

Many home owners enjoy a reduction in energy bills from month to month with the application of Radiant Barrier. This is one home improvement that means energy savings for your home and adds value if you’re thinking of selling!




Doors and Windows

Double Hung Windows

Many home owners associate high energy bills with air conditioners and furnaces running constantly. A constantly running AC or furnace is just one part of a larger problem.


We use only doors and windows that are energy star rated under the new, strict rating system. These windows are Low-E, double insulated, and add beauty and efficiency to your home. The end result is most often a furnace and air conditioner that runs efficiently and keeps your home comfortable with lower energy bills!

Rhino Energy Solutions
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