Slash Your Energy Costs With Attic Insulation

Today, homeowners can count on new homes having been built up to very strict energy efficiency standards. With the construction and real estate industries marching in near lock-step to ensure that new homes are built up to newly stringent energy efficiency standards. These standards are well known across the country, and builders understand the necessity for aligning their projects with these standards, as they can garner hug tax breaks for building contractors. Additionally, builders and real estate agents are aware of another incentive for building extremely energy efficient homes: today’s informed and educated consumer. With the advent of the internet, potential homeowners have likely researched every available piece of information on a home they are considering. Educated in what can turn out to be skyrocketing costs of energy inefficient homes, today’s consumer is not only knowledgeable about the benefits of energy efficiency, they are seeking energy savings San Antonio they can count on to lighten the frequently exorbitant costs of owning a home.

Unfortunately, this was not always the case. Many older homes are not only energy inefficient, but under insulated as well. In fact, some houses built as recently as 3-5 years ago are under insulated and energy inefficient. But, realistically, when the majority of prospective homeowners are seeking to purchase a house, they are more than likely to purchase an older house, this leaves them with fewer opportunities to ensure they are maximizing their energy savings San Antonio. So this leaves the consumer seeking after market options when it comes to ensuring they capture as much energy savings San Antonio as possible.

One of the foremost ways to ensure maximization of energy savings San Antonio is insulation. We’ve written before about the energy savings associated with attic insulation San Antonio, and you know that attic insulation is one of the most effective types of insulation. This is mainly due to the fact that attics are constructed to have unconditioned air, and this air, which seeps into a home through its attic, can be pushed down from the attic to disparate parts of the home, pushing energy savings down with it. The right kind of attic insulation and the right amount of attic insulation San Antonio can go a long way to locking in those energy savings San Antonio. This is mainly because good attic insulation San Antonio achieves the dual purpose of both keeping conditioned air in the home, keeping unconditioned air from seeping through the walls, and, effectively keeping energy savings San Antonio in your home.

One type of attic insulation San Antonio most effective in locking in those energy savings is blown-in insulation. This type of attic insulation has numerous benefits, and is vastly superior to laying fiberglass batts, a type of attic insulation San Antonio that its presumed to be adequate because it is relatively inexpensive. However, as the old adage goes: “You pay for what you get,” and, while batt insulation may seem like an adequate choice, it will lead to more and more energy savings San Antonio leaving your home. Blown in attic insulation San Antonio is superior to other types of attic insulation San Antonio for a variety of reasons:

No Gaps or Voids: This is one of the main advantages of blown-in attic insulation. As opposed to laying batts in the attic, the use of blown in attic insulation San Antonio allows the product to fill the area completely, locking in maximum energy savings San Antonio. This helps envelop any corners, beams, wires, pipes, cables, or framing voids. It ensures your attic insulation San Antonio keeps unwanted air out while keeping comfort and energy savings San Antonio in.

Treated, Fire Deterrent Material: Blown in attic insulation San Antonio bests other types of attic insulation San Antonio because it is normally treated with borate, a fire retardant and insect repellent. This has the added effect of reducing the amount of insects living in your attic insulation San Antonio. This is something batt attic insulation San Antonio can’t offer, as insects are often drawn to batt attic insulation San Antonio.

Ease of Installation: Blown in attic insulation is easier than installing many other types of attic insulation San Antonio, in addition to being better at locking in energy savings San Antonio. This is especially true if, as recommended, you have a trusted specialist in attic insulation San Antonio install your blown in attic insulation San Antonio.  Professional attic insulation San Antonio installers are proficient in their installation of blown in attic insulation, and have experience installing attic insulation San Antonio in a variety of home types. Thus, these professionals know how to install your attic insulation so it maximizes your home’s comfort, safety, and also ensures an optimal level of energy savings San Antonio.

Environmentally Friendly – Blown in attic insulation San Antonio is also one of the most environmentally friendly types of attic insulation. Most of the materials used to make blown-in attic insulation San Antonio are recycled themselves. This allows professionals to insulate your home with attic insulation San Antonio which is not only extremely effective at locking in prime energy savings San Antonio, but also give any homeowner the peace of mind in knowing that the materials keeping their energy savings San Antonio in their homes are not hazardous to their family’s health. Blown in attic insulation is thus the best of both worlds: incredibly effective at securing your energy savings San Antonio without causing harm to the environment.

As we’ve seen, blown in attic insulation is the best route for homeowners seeking to lock in crucial energy savings San Antonio. Use it and you’ll see.