Radiant Barrier Application Helps Keep Attics Cool & Lowers Energy Costs

One of the most important facets for keeping San Antonio homes cool in the blistering summer months is the radiant barrier. Radiant barriers are usually installed in attics and consist of a highly reflective material that reflects radiant heat rather than absorbing it. This makes them an essential tool in fighting the blazing heat in San Antonio and pairing it with top tier attic insulation will ensure that you have the most comfortable and energy efficient home during the seemingly everlasting summer that San Antonio residents bear for months on end.

The radiant barrier, while a compliment to most common insulation techniques, is unlike them. Most common materials work by slowing conductive heat flow. However, the radiant barrier and other reflective insulation systems like the radiant barrier work by reducing radiant heat gain. To do this, the radiant barrier boasts a reflective surface. To be most effective, the radiant barrier must face open space and avoid becoming dusty or otherwise dirty; this can hamper the radiant barrier’s ability to reflect radiant heat, thus mitigating the radiant barrier’s effectiveness in both keeping your home comfortable and keeping your energy costs low.

A barrier’s effectiveness depends on whether it is installed by licensed, professional radiant barrier experts. Though many home owners try to install a radiant barrier by themselves, but can fall easily into the many pitfalls in this detailed and time consuming process. Given that a radiant barrier’s effectiveness is so dependent on its positioning, many DIY homeowners are serving only to sabotage their gains in both their home’s comfort and their energy savings. What’s more, many homeowners insisting on installing a radiant barrier themselves are oblivious to the very technical aspects of its positioning. For example, an expert understands that when installing a foil-type barrier its best to allow the barrier’s material to sag between attachment points so that it leaves a one inch air space between the radiant barrier and the bottom of the roof.

So if you believe that your attic insulation alone is not adequate in keeping in your conditioned air, investigate the radiant barrier and its benefits for use in your home. Acting as a compliment to expertly installed and  maintained insulation, a radiant barrier allows homeowners to maximize the energy efficiency and energy savings in their home. As any San Antonio resident can tell you, any extra help in fighting heat is welcomed.

Radiant Barrier Application Helps Keep Attics Cool & Lowers Energy Costs
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Radiant Barrier Application Helps Keep Attics Cool & Lowers Energy Costs
Rhino Energy Solutions shares this brief article on how the application of our radiant barrier HeatBloc Ultra helps reduce radiant heat and helps lower energy costs.