Keeping Your Attic Cool With Radiant Barrier

Why San Antonio Homes Need Radiant Barrier In The Attic?

Texas has seen a steady flow of new residents from other states in the last several years. Many new residents never heard of Radiant Barrier or didn’t need it in their previous climate. Many states have their own micro-climate and the same can be said about each city in Texas. Some have extreme summers and winters while others have temperate weather. While not necessarily extreme weather, some weather conditions in San Antonio do require home improvements when compared to cities with moderate conditions.

Radiant Barrier- A Great Way to Keep Attics Cool

Have you been experiencing the San Antonio heat? Does your house fail to cool down even after running your air conditioner all day? Radiant Barrier can help your home stay cool and your family comfortable. Most attics are cooler after application of Radiant Barrier and this improves your homes energy costs. Radiant Barrier can greatly reduce the summer heat gain we feel in San Antonio and without costing too much. Radiant Barrier is a highly reflective material which reflects the radiant heat instead of absorbing it.

Radian Barrier works differently than thermal insulation you probably have seen in your home. Attic insulation is not a substitute for Radiant Barrier. Insulation is something which houses should have and could be code in some cities. Since summers make attics extremely hot you should consider having both Radiant Barrier and insulation in your attic.

Working Of a Radiant Barrier

Radiant Barrier works by decreasing the radiant heat gain in your attic. Attics become hot when the sun’s radiant heat energy is transferred through the roof into your attic space. Radiant Barrier reduces the heat transfer from the underside of the roof to the other surfaces in the attic.

Benefits of Using a Radiant Barrier

Many home owners who install Radiant Barrier will attest to increase home comfort and decreased energy costs. Application of Radiant Barrier in combination with quality attic insulation will help outperform other technology and possibly even keep your AC from working overtime. Here are some points about Radian Barrier that you may not have known about:

Radiant Barrier is a spray application and proves to be a highly functional solution to cool your attic without modifying the attic space.

Installing Radiant Barrier is extremely simple without any complications and is usually completed in one day.

Closing Thoughts

Radiant Barrier is extremely helpful when you consider the cost of running an air conditioner all day, replacing attic insulation, and adding other technology to your home to reduce energy costs. The cost is relatively inexpensive and you should see a return on your investment from reduced energy costs within a year of application.