Hiring the Best Insulation Contractor

When considering replacing or adding insulation to your home attic you must hire the right insulation contractor for the job! Hiring the right insulation contractor will make a significant difference as to how well you save on your heating and cooling bills.

The biggest issue is that insulation must be installed correctly, not just installed. IF your sub-par contract compresses Batt insulation it will lose significant R-Value. If the attic is blown to the proper depth but doesn’t have enough bags of material installed to meet the manufactures specifications you’re not getting the proper R-Value you purchased.

While we can install Cellulose insulation, we prefer to install Fiberglass blow in materials. With Fiberglass insulation there’s nothing in it to burn, settling is minimal and it doesn’t break down over the years. These characteristics will improve your home’s comfort and safety. EnergyStar assures you utilizing tremendous research that the results will show when you get your utility bill. Existing homes will reduce their utility bill by as much as 30% by adding fiberglass blown in insulation to a R-49 level as well as to increase your comfort.

Older homes with no insulation in the walls can increase homes energy efficiency and comfort by doing what we call Drill and Fill. Spray Foam Insulation has great sealing factors. Don’t be misled by spray foam insulation marketing. Sealing factors do not translate to R-Factor (Resistance Factor). Combined with Fiberglass Insulation they improve the overall efficiency. Beware there are some that say 1 inch of foam is like R-40, they say because of the sealing factor, but understand Sealing Factor and R-Factory is not the same thing nor do the combined increase R-Factor. One inch of foam depending on the product and manufacture is between R-3.7 to R-7.4 depending if it is open or closed cell foam.

Your San Antonio home in most cases is your most valuable asset and the single most expensive investments you will make. Home owners often times don’t give insulation much thought, but the savings on your electric bills for A/C in the summer or heating in the winter can be as much 30% to 50% a month or more. The additional comfort you will experience in your home cannot be translated into a $ value by it helping to keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. To ensure your attic is insulated properly call today to set an appointment with one of our Rhino Energy Solutions professional energy saving analysts.