HeatBloc Ultra

Radiant Barrier Information for San Antonio

What is Radiant Barrier?

Image of HeatBloc Ultra in Attic San Antonio

Radiant Barrier is an energy saving method that uses a special coating applied to your roof inside the attic space. The coating is called HeatBloc Ultra. We use HeatBloc Ultra to help block up to 75% of the radiant heat transfer from the roof into the attic space that eventually transfers down into your home! HeatBloc Ultra is a special coating that is applied to the underside of your roof by our professional and well reviewed San Antonio technicians.

In a few hours the coating of HeatBloc Ultra begins reducing the heat gain in your attic after we apply it. Heat gain reduction in your attic will most likely decrease by 30 or 40 degrees if your attic is well designed. HeatBloc Ultra will compliment your energy efficiency plan and help save you money with your energy bills!


Why isn’t insulation enough?

HeatBloc Ultra LogoInsulation acts to slow the transfer of heat from the warmer area to the cooler area. The thicker your attic insulation, the longer it will take for the heat to move through the insulation. This is similar to wearing multiple layers of clothes on a cold day. The more layers you have on, the less heat will escape and you will feel warmer.

The effect on your home should be, your home will be cooler in the Summer and Warmer in the Winter. The energy savings are realized when you have a comprehensive energy efficiency plan.

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