Critters in Attic? What to do

Here in San Antonio, we constantly deal with houses who have, or have had some sort of rodent or animal in the attic. On the upside, as i explain to my customers, you are not alone. Most houses will at some time or another have some rodent activity in their attic space. On the downside, depending on what type of critter you have up there, you might be in for an unpleasant experience. The most common animals we find are mice, rats, squirrels, racoons, and opossums.  Most small mice and even some rats do not pose much of a problem if caught at early stages of intrusion. But, attics and homes who go years not addressing this issue can be in for an expensive removal process. Racoons and opossums are the most intrusive and destructive. They also tend to nest and leave a very potent odor. These can be the hardest to remove . We work with a couple highly qualified animal removal experts when it comes to getting rid of the unwanted guest. They can walk you through the battle plan. Normally, when the animals are removed, Rhino Energy will go into the area, remove any carcasses, clean up and remove the insulation, inspect the duct work to see if it was damaged, treat the attic with anti bacterial product, and replace the insulation with new. We recommend that you have your attic inspected twice a year to head off any potential issues the critters may cause. It could save you money in the future !

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Removing animals from attic
What to look for in your attic rodent removal, Rhino Energy Solutions insulation replacement