CPS Energy Rebates for Attic Insulation

We’ve written before about the importance of attic insulation. Attic insulation is especially important in a city like San Antonio, where the blistering summers and surprisingly chilly winters can pose a constant threat to your home’s comfort. Some homeowners are hesitant to either insulate or re-insulate their homes, worrying that the cost of insulation isn’t worth the investment. Also, homeowners in San Antonio sometimes think that because of San Antonio’s warmer climate, insulation isn’t needed. Of course, homeowners in the know understand that isn’t the case, and can attest to the energy savings insulation brings them all throughout the year in San Antonio. So, what about the cost then? Luckily for San Antonio homeowners, CPS offers extensive rebates for attic insulation.

CPS San Antonio offers homeowners a rebate of $0.25 per square foot of insulation installed, regardless of whether the insulation is fiberglass cellulose, or spray foam. The rebate amount is based on the amount of insulation actually installed over conditioned space. Unfortunately, this CPS rebate does not cover insulation on new construction in San Antonio, but a separate rebate is available for insulation being placed on new construction in San Antonio.

So how does one get the insulation rebate? Good question. CPS has certain criteria for rebate that must be followed to obtain it. First of all, the attic insulation must be installed between conditioned and unconditioned areas to qualify. For example, the space directly above your living room or bedroom and below your attic or crawl space to qualify. Secondly, if there is more than 24 inches of attic clearance before the new insulation is installed, the final insulation must be at least R-38, and existing attic insulation must be no greater than R-14. Conversely, if there is less than 24 inches of attic clearance before the new insulation is installed, the final level must be at least R-19. Additionally, existing attic insulation for low ceilings must be no greater than R-11. Furthermore, all insulation must be new materials and have R values stated on the packaging material.

These are a few of the more technical areas of the program, with the rest being administrative needs (such as attaching an invoice). Homeowners should be aware of all criteria for the rebate, which can save you money both by rebating your costs themselves, and by sealing in your conditioned air. Contact your licensed insulation specialist quickly for more information.