Attic Insulation Lowers Energy Bills

Understanding your energy bill is the most important part in lowering it. Homeowner’s must understand why their energy dollars are being spent in order to stop spending so much. In the long, hot days of San Antonio summer, this becomes especially important, as some homeowners try near anything to lower the numbers they see on their bills. But not understanding why those numbers are there in the first place is really what keep energy bills high in the first place. This is where attic insulation comes in.

When many homeowners are thinking of ways to keep their homes cool in the summer, they don’t often think about attic insulation. The truth is that attic insulation is actually one of the most important factors
in not only the comfort of your home, but also the energy costs of your home. This is because properly installed attic insulation reduces heating and cooling costs by reducing heat losses and gains through
a home’s building envelope. Simply, attic insulation does the same job all year: keeping unwanted, unconditioned air out of your home.

This is why attic insulation is key for fighting the summer heat. In keeping the hot air outside of your home, attic insulation not only keeps your home comfortable, but also lets your cooling system do less work to regulate the temperature in your home, which can help your cooling unit last longer. This is yet another reason why attic insulation provides an effective resistance to the flow of heat, not matter where it is coming from.

The effectiveness of attic insulation often comes down to a given attic insulation’s R-value. This is the attic insulation’s thermal resistance value. When a given attic insulation has a higher R-value, this means that the attic insulation it has better effectiveness with insulating your home from unwanted air. This is because attic insulation with higher R-values is more often very thick and dense, which makes it better for stopping air flow. The effectiveness of attic insulation also depends heavily on how it is installed. This is especially key, as many homeowners seek deep discounts on their insulation without thinking of the quality of work. Improperly installed attic insulation can seriously harm a home’s ability to regulate air flow, as shoddily installed insulation can do more harm than good. This is why it’s important to entrust the work to experienced, professional, hardworking insulation contractors.