Adding Blown-In Insulation to Your Attic is Energy Efficient

Homeowners don’t often think of attic insulation as San Antonio’s notoriously hot summers begin to rear their ugly heads. Even for savvy homeowners, attic insulation is often considered for its benefits in the brutal summer months. However, as the mercury rises, attic insulation can be one of the most important aspects to keeping a home cool. This is because attic insulation keeps hot air out in the summer just as it keeps cold air out in the winter. Attic insulation has the added benefit of making sure your cooling system isn’t overworking to cool a house that is constantly losing conditioned air. Thus, having quality attic insulation is doubly beneficial, as it keeps your home comfortable and keeps your energy bills low. So, while some homeowners may not be thinking of attic insulation when they’re reaching for their thermostats on another scorching south Texas day, attic insulation is likely the most important ingredient in keeping a home cool.

In the summer, radiant heat accounts for 93% of the heat gain in a home. This goes to show that attic insulation is a year long consideration. But, with different types of insulation and insulation firms, many homeowners wonder where they should start. With the advancements in the attic insulation industry over the last few years and the uptick in energy efficient attic insulation solutions, many contractors and experienced homeowners advise that blown-in attic insulation should be installed. There are many different types of blown-in attic insulation and, no matter the choice of material, it will offer superior protection from the hot San Antonio days. This is because blown in attic insulation offers completely uniform coverage, whereas batt insulation can often be incompletely installed due to some areas being hard to reach.

With this uniformity of insulation and with the added benefits previously discussed, blown in insulation is truly part of the total package of keeping your home comfortable and energy efficient during the hot summer months. Just as homeowners could not cool their homes without air conditioners, homes cannot stay cool without attic insulation retaining the conditioned air that makes the scorching San Antonio sun bearable. Additionally, keeping your home more comfortable means also keeping it more energy efficient. If conditioned air is being kept more efficiently within your home, then your air conditioner can work less and therefore save money on energy bills. Contact a technician to learn more today.